>A Mediterranean garden

Although it’s nearly four years since we took over our garden and three years since we became its legal owners, this is only our second proper growing season as until summer 2006 we were here for only part of the year. When we bought the garden it was a weed-strewn patch of rough ground which, some years ago, had been used for growing potatoes.
We’re slowly learning how things grow in a Mediterranean climate and turning it into a productive vegetable garden and space for eating and relaxing all the year round. So far, we’ve changed it from this muddle of herbs and grasses …. in summer 2005 to a much tidier plot in late autumn 2007. Now we’re beginning the new season’s planning and planting and this blog will be a diary of what we learn.


2 thoughts on “>A Mediterranean garden

  1. >Hello, I found you on Blotanical and came over to visit. I have read the whole thing all the way down to here, and must say it was easy, interesting reading that has made me hungry for artichokes! The photo of the almond blossoms just about melted my heart! I enjoyed my visit very much. Lovely blog!

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