>Courgette / zucchini flowers – male or female?

>These pictures are especially for Sue at the Balcony garden in Milan who is growing courgettes on her balcony.

The first flowers on the plants are usually male and grow on the end of a stem:

The female flowers have tiny courgettes / zucchini behind them which grow bigger once the flower is fertilised:

I took the photos in the evening when the flowers are closed, so that it’s easier to see the difference.

By the time the flowers are out, there should be enough insects around to pollinate them, but they may need some help. Good luck, Sue!


5 thoughts on “>Courgette / zucchini flowers – male or female?

  1. >Hi,I’m writing an article for a magazine in Australia about fertilising cucurbits – especially pumpkins. I like your phots of zucchini and wonder if I might use them along with my pictures of pumkin flowers?

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