>Mellow fruitfulness / moisson moelleux ?


quince / coing

A friend said that we could pick the figs and quinces from her trees. The figs are wonderful. Two varieties – black and green. The black ones are so ripe they almost taste like jam already. The green ones have a more interesting flavour. We’ve made jam with each – I added a pinch of cinnamon to the green figs – and we’ve eaten them fresh. We’ve baked them with honey from a neighbour’s bees, poured Armagnac over them while they were still hot and added crème fraîche – a real fig feast!

green figs / figues vertes

Une amie nous a dit que nous pouvions ramasser les figues et les coings de ses arbres. Les figues sont superbes. Deux varietés – noire et verte. Les noires sont si mûres qu’elles ont déjà le gout de confiture. Les vertes ont un gout plus complex. Nous avons cuit de la confiture avec chaque varieté – j’ai ajouté un peu de cannelle aux figues vertes – et nous les avons mangé toutes fraîches. Nous les avons cuit au four avec du miel des abeilles de notre voisin, puis nous avons versé de l’Armagnac quand elles étaient chaud et ajouté de la crème fraîche – un vrai festin de figues!


The quinces are still waiting … more on these later.

Les coings nous attendent encore … on en parlera plus tard.

4 thoughts on “>Mellow fruitfulness / moisson moelleux ?

  1. >interesting! the figs in your area are rippen after my figs. When I was in plot my figs were like dried figs in trees. But these figs looks delicious(leave some quinces to wait, I will try to make a traditional recipe with my quinces this week and you can see the recipe)

  2. >citygarden: some figs here ripen early in June/July and some in late summer – I don’t know if they’re different varieties or maybe two stages of the same crop because fig trees have fruit on them all winter which ripen the following summer.I’ll keep back some quinces for when I see your recipe – thanks for warning me! We’ll be making membrillo – quince paste – with most of them soon.

  3. >Yes, you have to do “marmelada” (portuguese name for quince paste). You should also do quince jelly and roasted quinces (not sure the word roast is the corect one – oven cooked with sugar, cinammon, and Port wine). As for the figs you can make jam, figs in syrup, dried figs stuffed with almonds or nuts, figs with prociuto…so many recipes…yum yum

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