>First anniversary / Premier anniversaire


candle_1_1_1 It’s a year since I began the Olives and Artichokes blog at the start of the last gardening year.  One of my earliest posts was about planting our potatoes on the day after the full moon in February 2008.  Yesterday we did just that, again … the cycle of the seasons and the gardening year.

In my first post I hoped that the blog would be ‘a diary of what we learn’.  Well, it has become that, and a lot more too.  Writing the blog has been more involving – and taken more time – than I’d thought, but it has also brought unexpected rewards.  I’ve become part of a worldwide community of gardeners and like-minded people.  I’ve made friends, some of whom I’ve met, some of whom are still ‘virtual’ friends but no less real when it comes to exchanging ideas and advice.

Perhaps most importantly, writing the blog has encouraged me to think more about gardening, food and the environment.  Lo Jardinièr and I are still gardening for the same reasons as we always have done – because we enjoy it, because we like good food and because we believe that local, organic food is better for us and better for the planet.  But now we think through the issues and arguments more and we’re part of a ‘conversation’ that circles the world.

We’re looking forward to the next year of Olives and Artichokes and we hope that all our new and old friends around the world will continue to enjoy reading about our garden and food adventures as much as we enjoy learning about yours.

C’est le premier anniversaire du blog Olives and Artichokes et nous espérons que nos amis et nos lecteurs autour du monde continuent de apprécier l’histoire de notre jardin et notre cuisne autant que nous appécions les vôtres.

PS  Looking back at last February’s posts shows how comparatively cold this year has been and how late this spring is.  On 17 February I posted photos of almond blossom and apricot buds which were about to flower – there’s nothing like that yet this year.

10 thoughts on “>First anniversary / Premier anniversaire

  1. >The people in our village say how much colder and damper this winter has been, and we haven’t been here for a whole winter before and so don’t know. We’ve certainly had a lot of days with the cloud down around us. Almond blossom… it’s out down in the valleys, but not yet around here. Maybe another week or two?

  2. >I have been away from the blogosphere for a good while now, but am delighted to reemerge just in time to read this post. I had always sort of assumed your blog had been a long-standing affair. I suppose it was the mellowed aspect of your writing that fooled me! I have a month to go before I will be planting potatoes; but I look forward to following your progress. I have missed getting my fix of my favorite blogs and am glad to be back- and just in time to see everybody’s gardens take off! Woo hoo!

  3. >Bon anniversaire Olive et Artichaut. C’est fou comme le temps passe, les saisons trépassent, les humeurs outrepassent et que le blog se surpasse à mesure des notes. C’est toujours un plaisir de lire anecdotes et autres recettes d’un village du Languedoc, un aspect autrement plus terre à terre à les élucubrations… Allez, bonne continuation ! Jean-Maurice

  4. >Thanks to all for your good wishes. It’s nice to know that there are readers out there enjoying my ramblings, photos and rants!Merci, J-M – je continuerai les anecdotes, les recettes … et aussi les élucubrations!

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