7 thoughts on “>Apricot / Abricotier

  1. >Nothing signals the impending arrival of Spring than big, fat, pink buds. They’re trying to contain their exuberance before bursting out and shouting their color to the warming world. Here in San Diego, my ornamental apricot and plum are setting buds, but no color yet…

  2. >Thanks to you all for your comments. Yes, spring is coming … it’s a couple of weeks late here this year because we’ve had a colder than usual winter, but soon it will come to all of us in the northern hemisphere!

  3. >Ilex: the blossoms aren’t apricot colour, more pale pink … I’ll post some photos when they come out in a couple of days’ time.Titania: yes, it is a miracle, isn’t it? I can hardly believe that it will happen! Of all the miracles in the garden, I think the apricot is my favourite.

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