>Bees at work / Les abeilles travaillent


The apricot is blossoming … / L’abricotier fleurit …

Wednesday …
apricot blossom bud_2 Friday …. apricot blossom bud 3_1
Sunday ….
apricot blossom 4_1
Monday ….

And the bees are at work …. / Et les abeilles travaillent …

bee on apricot_1 bee on apricot 3_1

Lo Jardinièr has laid some paving in front of our bench, using recycled tiles. / Lo Jardinièr a mis des carreaux recyclés devant notre banc.

tiles 1_1_1

The anemones are starting to flower. / Les anemones commencent à fleurir.


4 thoughts on “>Bees at work / Les abeilles travaillent

  1. >How beautiful!! I have been sorting through all my blossom photos from last year… I don’t know if I can wait! The anemones are great, are those perennials? I wonder if they would grow where I am?hope our little recycled green houses work!

  2. >Becky: yes, the anemones are perennials. They are called Anemones de Caen and Caen is in northern France, so I should think they would grow in colder climates. Here, the leaves begin to grow in the autumn and survive frosts, hail, rain and even occasional snow through the winter.

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