>Green / Vert



There’s a little more hope for the environment today – in the elections for the European parliament Europe Ecologie, the greens in France, have more than doubled their number of seats to 14 and their percentage of the vote to 16.28%.

Un peu d’espoir pour l’environnement – Europe Ecologie avec 16,28 % et 14 sieges.


4 thoughts on “>Green / Vert

  1. >That's good news! My local gov. seat has been the same conservative one forever…. until last year when the Greens won by miles! It is always worth voting. Here voting is compulsory anyway.

  2. >This is good!I hope the Greens in France are better than GreeceHere they doubled also and send for first time 1 person in European Parliament but I am not so sure about them for other reasons.A part of me (the Green part) is with them but the other part (economy, politics..) is not with them

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