>Beetles update / Mise à jour des scarabées


Most of the beetles have disappeared, just a few tiny ones remain, and the Borlotti beans look fine and are growing fast. / La plupart des scarabées sont disparus et les haricots Borlottis sont biens et poussent vite.


Maybe these beetles were good ones / Peut-être ces scarabées sont bons.


The haricot beans are growing well too / Les haricots verts poussent bien aussi.

DSC06457 DSC06479

A salad from the garden today: courgette, cucumber, Lezignan onion, garlic and oregano, and today’s harvest of courgettes and beans. / Une salade du jardin aujourd’hui: courgette, concombre, oignon de Lezignan, ail et oreganum, et la récolte d’aujourd’hui: courgettes et haricots verts.

And something I can’t post on the blog – last week we heard a single cicada in the almond tree in the next garden. Since then we’ve heard their summer chorus all around the garden and in the plane trees along the roads.

Les cigales ont commencé à chanter.

If you haven’t heard them before listen to the sound here:

Cicada / cigale A group of them in a line of trees make a very loud noise! It’s the sound of the south which they are said to make when the temperature is above 26 degrees C.

5 thoughts on “>Beetles update / Mise à jour des scarabées

  1. >True cicada story:I attended high school in Baltimore city. One year, the cicadas were so thick that the maintenance department had to shovel- yes, shovel- their carcasses off the walkways between buildings. Walking ouside- well, no, nobody actually walked. You had to dash, but carefully lest you slip on the bodies. But it was deafening to be outside. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time. Reminiscent of The Birds. 🙂

  2. >Perhaps your beetles had just stopped for a rest. They look quite pretty and if your beans are intact they may have been predators rather than pests.Just picked our first courgettes – I'd best eat them quickly, before the novelty wears off!

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