>Autumn fruits / Les fruits d’automne



The olives are growing well and we have fruit on both our small trees this year.

Les olives poussent bien et il y a des fruits sur les deux arbres cette année.

DSC08678 DSC08677

The aubergine plants have flowers on them and some nice aubergines too. / Les aubergines fleurissent et il y a des bonnes aubergines aussi.

DSC08670We’ve sown carrots and radishes in the same row as they are supposed to do well together. The radishes are just emerging from the straw we’ve put down to conserve water. / Nous avons semé des carrottes et des radis ensemble parce qu’ils poussent bien ensemble. Les radis commencent à pousser entre les morceaux de paille que nous avons mis pour conserver l’eau.

Figs / Les figues

A friend said that we could have the figs from her trees and yesterday we picked 6.5 kilos of green figs and 2 kilos of black figs. / Une amie nous a dit que nous pouvons ramasser les figues de ses arbres et hier on a ramasser 6,5 kilos de figues vertes et 2 kilos de figues noir.

DSC08694 DSC08697

We’ve made jam and we’ve bottled some in syrup using the recipe on gintoino’s blog, although ours don’t look as nice as his! / Nous avons fait de la confiture et nous en avons conservé quelques unes dans le sirop en suivant la recette sur le blog de gintoino.

DSC08708 DSC08710

And a salad of goats’ cheese, cured ham and figs / Et une salade de fromage de chèvre, jambon cru et figues

DSC08716 DSC08720

I made a salad with a dressing made from a teaspoonful of honey, 2 teaspoonfuls of Banyuls vinegar (balsamic vinegar would work too), salt, pepper and olive oil. It would make a good first course. We at it as a light lunch. The goats’ cheese, ham and figs were all strong flavours which went very well together.

J’ai preparé une salade avec un assaisonnement de miel, vinaigre de Banyuls, sel, poivre et huile d’olive. Elle serait bien comme une entrée. Nous l’avons mangée pour un déjeuner léger. Le fromage, le jambon et les figues ont des bons saveurs qui sont très biens ensemble.


6 thoughts on “>Autumn fruits / Les fruits d’automne

  1. >Your garden looks great! What do you do with your olives? We planted an olive tree last year, although I would be surprised if it fruits. It is a beautiful tree anyway. I adore figs. I spent too much money every year buying them at the market – they are so expensive! I finally live in a place with enough land to plant my own fig trees. I now have two (under a meter tall – still young!) and two more will go in this fall. I cannot imagine having enough surplus to be able to can or make jam. I'd be thrilled if I get enough to get my fill of fresh! I've heard birds love them too so I hope that with four trees, there will be enough to share. Thanks for sharing you beautiful garden.

  2. >I have two very small arbequina olive trees and one of them has fruit this year! I'm amazed.I have planted a Violette de Bordeau fig and will be looking forward to real fruit in a couple of years. How nice of your friends to offer their figs to you!

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