>A kitchen garden weekend / un weekend du potager


I’ve spent this weekend at a wonderful Kitchen Gardeners International event organised by Kate from the Vegetable Vagabond blog and Ian of Kitchen Garden in France.  Roger Doiron of Kitchen Garden International was here too and we’ve visited markets at Villereal and Issegeac, producers of prunes, honey and flour, tasted wine, wandered around Ian and Kate’s own garden while they explained their plans for it, and visited their neighbours’ fantastically productive gardens, eating wonderful food and drinking great wine.  All this, and the chance to discuss gardening and food with gardeners from three different continents.  I’ll write more about what we’ve been doing later, and I’ll post some of the many photos I’ve taken, but for now I’ll just post this photo of a market stall run by a young couple who are starting an organic farm and who invited us all to visit and enjoy barbecue lunch at Laspissottes.


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