>Autumn market / Le marché en automne


At Pézenas market yesterday there were signs of autumn under the hot sun – roast chestnuts, ceps (porcini) and girolle mushrooms.  /  Sur le marché à Pézenas hier il y avait des signes d’automne – des marrons grillés, des ceps et des girolles.

DSC09110 DSC09115

And music … jazz by the café and jazz manouche in a side street opposite /  Et la musique …. le jazz près du café et le jazz manouche dans une petite rue à l’autre côté de la rue.

DSC09127 DSC09129 DSC09117

We bought some lamb’s lettuce and some Rougette lettuce seedlings to replace some of the plants that were washed away in a thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago.  /  On a acheté des plants de mâche et de Rougette.

7 thoughts on “>Autumn market / Le marché en automne

  1. >This looks great. There are few good markets here. I'm hoping that there are some good food stalls in the Sunday market here in Stockbridge. It varies from week to week but was looking a bit more interesting last week.

  2. >If we want a big market like this we have to travel for a good 20 minutes down into the valley, so we don't often go… but perhaps we should. I'd better do some persuading!

  3. >We just came back from the south of France yesterday in the afternoon, full of memories of summer, sunshine and excellent food. So when I looked on your blog today (which I had bookmarked already a long time ago) I found myself back there. Thanks a lot and greetings to the mediterranean!Monika

  4. >This is the time of year I miss French markets, fungi season. The only fresh food I brought back from Treviso was a kilo of ceps and chanterelles. I made a risotto the following evening using dried porcini, topped off with the fried fresh muushrooms. Amazing. I would love to find a secret spot were girolles grow, but we have had so little rain in the South East in the last couple of months I fear there will be little in the woods this year. Hang on, it's pouring today, maybe it's not to late!

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