>It (almost) never rains …



Believe it or not, this photo was taken in the middle of the day … and so were these:

DSC09523 DSC09546

The rain will be good for the garden, but for today it means we can’t do any gardening.



It’s time to eat comforting autumn food like this rabbit and chorizo casserole, with some of the last courgettes of the season, and a glass of red wine.






This may have been the last butterfly of the summer, in the garden last weekend when we were sowing broad beans and peas.

6 thoughts on “>It (almost) never rains …

  1. >Ah, so I should be sowing my favas and peas soon then… I think I sowed them a bit late last autumn, although they did well. That's ok though because the rain will have softened the ground enough for me to finish the digging!

  2. >A note to say hello…& how perfectly this post captures the changing seasons. Love the images, love your blog! Rain has arrived in Northern California, too. Much needed. Harvested a mountain of tarragon to dry for winter cooking. My favorite herb… a bit of France to scent the house.Best wishes, Aliceaka Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel

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