>Some rain at last!


I woke to a strange sound this morning – it was raining, and it rained for at least two hours. It’s the first proper rain we’ve had since October and it will be very good for the garden.

DSC00368 DSC00370

By the time I went out the rain had stopped and the strong north wind had blown away the clouds to leave a clear winter day with bright reflections in the water around the fountains in the village.

DSC00382 DSC00384

Gardening is good for you …

It’s no surprise to most of us gardeners that growing your own organic vegetables is good for you, but an article in the Guardian today reports that a survey has shown that people in a village in Somerset have the longest life-expectancy in the UK. The inhabitants of Montacute ascribe their longevity to drinking the local spring water, growing and eating fresh vegetables … and, perhaps as a result of this, being happy! I think many people in Gabian would say the same.

10 thoughts on “>Some rain at last!

  1. >I do love how fresh everything looks and smells after a good rain. We had one of the driest Novembers on record. But we are due for a series of big storms starting about Monday and continuing for about 10 days. I think it's going to get a bit wet…What a marvelous article. I do believe that gardeners are pretty happy folks. What's not to like about being out in a garden, and the exercise is good for you as well.

  2. >Mediterranean gardeners sure know how to appreciate rain! Gardening makes me happier, which is more important for me than even living longer. I roasted some of my last summer bell peppers today. Once I confirm that it tastes as good as it looks, I'll blog the saffron roasted pepper sauce recipe I copied and modified from a cook book.Enjoy your rain.

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