>Yes, it’s freezing


DSC00613 DSC00615

The river was still partly iced over at 11 a.m. this morning.

Lo Jardinièr’s boudin noir and apple salad


We cheered ourselves at lunchtime with this warm salad of slices of boudin noir (black pudding) and apple, sautéed in olive oil, on lettuce and lamb’s lettuce leaves from the garden.

8 thoughts on “>Yes, it’s freezing

  1. >Your sharing the reality of cold and your recipe for 'cheer' with your artful and delicious food is inspiring! Beautiful photography in food and landscape! Love the reflections in the icy water. Carol

  2. >Your recipe for the cure of cold temps is inspiring. Your artful and delicious food … looks so tasty. Must try this. Lovely photography of the salad and landscape. Cheers! Carol

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