>The Camargue and an olive mill


We treated ourselves to a couple of days in the Camargue, staying at Aigues-Mortes, a fortified town which was a port until it silted up and the sea moved out to Le Grau du Roi, about 6 kilometres away. We were hoping to see flamingos, and we did but the weather was so grey and misty that I couldn’t get good photographs of them.


The canal at Aigues-Mortes


A gloomy sky at le Grau du Roi

DSC00899 DSC00903

Bulls at a manade, where they are raised for the courses camargaises, the non-violent form of bull-fighting in which young men attempt to retrieve a rosette or ribbon from the head of a bull – more dangerous for the man than the bull!


An egret perched on the back of a horse.

Domaine d’Oulivie

On a detour on our way back from the Camargue, up a rough track near St Gely du Fesc (north-west of Montpellier) we found this olive mill, museum and shop surrounded by a huge grove of lovely mature olive trees.

DSC00908 DSC00914
DSC00919 DSC00921
DSC00924 DSC00910

We tasted the range of olive oils produced here and bought bottles of two: the single-variety Lucque oil and a special oil made by milling the olives with thyme and rosemary (rather than infusing the herbs after the oil is made). Wonderful flavours with which to end the year!

A l’an que ven! (Occitan for see you next year!)

7 thoughts on “>The Camargue and an olive mill

  1. >What a nice getaway you had. I remember Aigues-Mortes well from a visit several years ago. The town is fascinating. We had a lovely lunch at an outdoor cafe in the square with my brother and our French belle-soeur. I'd love to tour an olive mill. That needs to be on my next French visit's agenda!Happy New Year!

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