>What a difference a day makes ….


Yesterday it rained for twenty-four hours:


I can see this chimney from our top-floor window and it tells me whether or not there will be rain – if the wind is coming from the south the clouds come over the sea and we usually have rain, although not always as heavy as this. If the wind comes from the north, the smoke is blown the other way and we have dry weather because the rain from any clouds which do appear has already fallen in the mountains inland.

Today was almost spring-like, with warm sunshine and a north wind silvering the leaves of the olive trees at the edge of this vineyard at the top of the hill above our garden:


In the garden most of the plants had survived the cold nights well:

DSC01141 DSC01142
Spanish habas (left), 2nd sowing of broad beans (far left) and first sowing of broad beans above.
DSC01143 Cabbages


This almond tree looks a lot better against a blue sky, rather than last week’s grey one, even though it won’t have blossom for another couple of weeks. First signs of spring: a mimosa tree in a sheltered garden in the village has yellow flower buds about to open. The almond blossom usually follows very soon afterwards.

Haiti earthquake

The catastrophic events in Haiti have been on my mind for the past few days – how can one small country have to put up with so many disasters and problems? There seems so little that individuals can do but we can donate towards the aid effort at the websites of the British Red Cross, the American Red Cross or the French organisation Action Contre la Faim.

5 thoughts on “>What a difference a day makes ….

  1. >What dreadful weather you appear to be having. Your concern about the people of Haiti is very touching; they are indeed suffering and in need of all our support.On a brighter note, how amazing that the mimosa is shortly to flower in your nearby village. So exciting. Here, in London, there appears to be NOTHING in flower and wall to wall grey skies!

  2. >Some nice shots here. It's exciting that you have some signs of spring. Here in Glasgow, I don't see any signs but felt in a spring kind of a mood – maybe it's just with the snow being gone after so long. I've also noticed that it's getting a little bit lighter for longer. It was getting dark here at 3.30!What the people of Haiti are going through just now is unimaginable. They are in my thoughts too.

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