>Signs of spring


The mimosa flowers are coming out ….

DSC01438 DSC01441 DSC01443


we’ve had the first barbecue of the year in the garden ….

DSC01446 DSC01456


and we even dipped our feet in the sea …

DSC01493 DSC01479

9 thoughts on “>Signs of spring

  1. >Michelle: since I posted this we've had a night of torrential rain – much needed for the garden!Jan: yes, the sea was cold, far too cold to think about swimming of course, but I like to paddle whenever I go to the Mediterranean.

  2. >Our snowdrops are coming through this morning dispite the frost. It seems that their sprouting is triggered by temperature and they are committed no matter what the weather does thereafter, even hard frosts and a foot of snow won't stop them!I will belive it is spring when my hands stop hurting with the cold and I can start wearing shorts, so sometime in late May then!As for dipping a toe in the sea…..The Mimossa looks wonderful.

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