>More rain


At last, after a dry winter, we’re getting plenty of rain and the stream from the spring at the top of the hill above the garden is rushing with water and the garden full of water droplets.

DSC02021 DSC02022
DSC02018 DSC02024
DSC02023 DSC02015

8 thoughts on “>More rain

  1. >It's so refreshing to get a good rain. But I have to admit, we've had enough good rains lately to make me long for a good long stretch of dry and sunny weather! I love you photos, especially the one of the drop about fall from the tendril (passionfruit?).

  2. >We must be just on the edge of your weather front. We're only getting the odd bit of drizzle, but we can't complain of lack of rain. However the temperatures have btaken a dip again, so I hope my seedling in the cold frame will be alright.

  3. >I'm sure this winter has been much drier here than the last one, but we usually get heavy spring rains, so here's hoping. We did have a whole day of heavy drizzle on Wednesday, so perhaps that's what you have here.

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