>Saturday sun and mussels


The shell fish producer from Bouziques comes to the village on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings, so each week on at least one of those days we usually eat mussels.

DSC02183 DSC02186

We can never decide which is our favourite mussel dish – it’s usually the one we’re eating now!  Today we grilled them with blue cheese (we used Bleu d’Auvergne, but other blue cheeses would work just as well), white wine, bread crumbs and olive oil.  Now this is another favourite!

The snow has all gone and the weather is warming up a bit again – last night was the first night for over a week when the temperature didn’t drop below freezing.  After lunch it was warm enough to sit outside in the sun with our coffee.  I daren’t say that spring has come because last time I said that we had snow a few days later, but there’s hope of spring.

DSC02209 DSC02206

Tomatoes and peppers update

DSC02210 DSC02212

All the varieties of tomatoes have germinated and all the peppers except the Longue d’Espagne (these last were seeds from an old packet belonging to our neighbour).  The two bright green plants in the centre at the top of the right-hand picture are lemon seedlings.  When the sun is on our balconies in the afteroons we put them out in the mini-greenhouses, where the temperature reaches up to 30 degrees C, even when there’s a chilly north wind.

8 thoughts on “>Saturday sun and mussels

  1. >My cold frame was at 25 Degrees on the chilliest of this weeks days and today I measured 40! My tomatoes, sown about 2 weeks after yours, look as far as yours, but the peppers haven't started yet. Circumstancial evidence for sowing with the moon phases…?

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