>No swimming, but plenty of water



The reservoir at the spring above the gardens is full for the first time for a year, and the stream running down from it is rushing with water for the gardens ….

DSC02273 The old building under the wall of the reservoir. DSC02294
DSC02274 One of the mills half way down the hill. DSC02278
DSC02277 DSC02280

The apricot blossom is opening at last, and it was 20 degrees C when we had lunch in the garden today.  Dare I say that spring is here?

DSC02285 DSC02288 DSC02291

8 thoughts on “>No swimming, but plenty of water

  1. >You had snow not long ago and now it's suddenly spring! It looks like you've got plenty of water for the gardens this year. Spring seems to be here at last, we're enjoying some sun and warmth also.

  2. >yes, every reason to be optimistic….ha, ha. After nearly 3 months of rain, apricot, peach and nectarine blossom out – lime, grapefruit, lemon and orange also…..wah-hay! Oh those mussels look yummy. I have to go in a corner and eat them as D hates all shell fish and can't bear to look at them. My, he doesn't know what he's missing.

  3. >20°C???!! That is so AMAZING, honestly, it made my heart skip for joy in thinking that perhaps, we too, will have anything higher than 10°C within a few weeks? month? I will be anticipating photos of apricots in future posts!

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