>Look how they’re growing!


I can hardly believe how much our tomato and pepper seedlings have grown in just over a week since I last posted photos of them.  In the daytime they’re out on the balcony in the mini-greenhouses (where the temperature can reach over 30 degrees C in the sunshine), but we bring them in at night.

                   tomato and ……
DSC02348 pepper seedlings today.

and a flashback to eight days ago:

DSC02210 DSC02212

They’ll need potting in bigger containers in the next day or so and we’re not sure where we’re going to put them all!  But it’s a nice problem to have.

Sunday lunch

DSC02342 We treated ourselves to a pigeon for lunch, cooked with figs which we preserved in Armagnac last autumn, and a sausage meat and cep (boletus/porcini) stuffing.  It was delicious, with the last of this winter’s leeks from the garden.  The recipe is on the Mediterranean cuisine blog.


7 thoughts on “>Look how they’re growing!

  1. >I have tomato envy. So early in the growing season, this is a bad sign. Your lunch has persuaded me to try a new recipe. I'm going to cook a whole chicken in my brand new high tech German pressure cooker. The sauce includes some fig sauce and balsamic vinegar. I'm finding I love fig flavor. Some day I might be persuaded to even try eating an actual fig! Once I learned how they're fertalized – by a wasp who climbs inside the flower to lay her eggs and then dies, thus making figs a sort of wasp mausoleum – I haven't much cared to try.

  2. >I have just planted my tomato seeds though my chilli pepper seeds were planted three weeks ago. As usual the chillies are mostly doing nothing despite being in a heated propagator. They do this every year just to annoy me.

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