>Butterflies, beans and a barbeque: Sunday in the garden


The garden was literally buzzing in the sunshine today, full of bees, butterflies and this hummingbird hawk moth flitting from one aubretia flower to another:

DSC02776-1 DSC02778
DSC02819 DSC02825

White and yellow butterflies ……

DSC02783 DSC02787

Sowing beans

We put up the bamboo supports and sowed the seeds of the black kidney beans (alubias) which our friend Drew in Navarra gave us.

DSC02797 DSC02792 DSC02793

The tulip flowers were out and lizards rustled in the undergrowth.  This was the only one I managed to catch on camera:

DSC02809 DSC02847


…. and a barbecue

DSC02800 DSC02804

Red pepper and anchovy salad to start with, then grilled slices of leg of lamb with whole sweet onions, red peppers and whole skewered garlic cloves, all with lemon juice, chopped garlic and thyme and oregano from the garden.  And a bottle of local red wine, of course.

8 thoughts on “>Butterflies, beans and a barbeque: Sunday in the garden

  1. >Jan: yes, it was delicious! We keep basics at the garden – crockery, cutlery, coffee maker, a couple of pans, a gas ring and the barbecue, of course – because for most of the year we eat up there at least a couple of times a week.

  2. >Well it looks as if good weather has arrived down your way. Even we had sun over the Easter weekend (shock horror!)It is amazing how quickly the spring flowers have opened after such a relatively long cold winter.

  3. >What a great capture of the hummingbird moth! I've always wanted to get a photo of them, but so far, not much luck (either I see them when my camera isn't handy or they scoot when I do). Love all of your images and sunshine weather. We're going backwards (yet again), with the not so warm temps.

  4. >I'm glad I've learned to have lunch BEFORE reading your blog. Otherwise, I'm hungry all afternoon. Your food choices are much more adventurous than mine – anchovies? And the monster you call a hummingbird moth? He'd chase me inside. I've never seen something that looked so much like a monster "bug" that was so threateningly large.

  5. >I've just looked at your moth photo, following your comment on mine, but it didn't really look like one of those. It was quite brightly coloured with a very long, caterpillar-like body. I've been looking online but can't find anything similar.

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