>First aubergine!


In spite of our neglect of it yesterday, today the garden rewarded us and we picked and ate our first aubergine of the year – two days earlier than last year, which is surprising given the cold wet weather we’ve had this May and June.  There are several more that will be ready in a few days’ time, and on the right is one of our first Bari cucumbers.

DSC04631 DSC04633

We also picked one of the last of our lettuces (everyone here says they go to seed on St Jean, 24 June, and that does seem to be true), a few courgettes (there are lots of small ones so we expect a glut next week), two cucumbers and some sweet onions, which have done really well this year.

DSC04635 DSC04628

Looking ahead to the autumn, the pumpkin plants are growing well – we put a lot of goat manure into that bed.


5 thoughts on “>First aubergine!

  1. >There's a lot of truth in that old saying, as our lettuces (the fully grown ones anyway) have begun to go rotten and I put four of them on the compost heap the other day!

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