>A busy week


It’s been a busy week with time only to water the garden and harvest vegetables to eat:

DSC05737 DSC05729
One of our Nardello plants is producing yellow rather than red peppers – they’re all very sweet.  The larger pepper is a Red Marconi. Espelette and Chorizo peppers harvested and threaded onto strings for drying in the sun.


DSC05726 DSC05728
Kandil dolma peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice, pine nuts, raisins and oregano. Grilled aubergine, green and red peppers.

6 thoughts on “>A busy week

  1. >Oh yum…..I've got my eyes on those grilled aubergines and peppers….one of my favourite taste sensations, especially with a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic and herby dressing and crusty bread on the side…..mmmmmhmmmm!!

  2. >Thanks for the visit. Last year I used the following recipe for figs and it was yummy, because I had so many hazel nuts though I used them instead. I also added some cognac:-)FIG & WALNUT PRESERVE900g fresh figsSmall shelled walnuts800g sugar1 tblesp lemon juiceWash, dry, cut off stalk end & stuff walnut into each fig. [An option at this point is to prick each fig lightly and dip into brandy before adding to syrup.]Combine 400ml water with sugar and lemon juice; bring to boil while stirring [syrup]Keep simmering as you add the figs, bringing back to boiling point then cover & leave overnight.Next day, simmer figs in syrup till softened & swollen but not burst.Place figs carefully into sterilised jars, simmer syrup to thicken it if necessary, poor over figs and cover as you would jam.Diane

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