>November in the garden


After a rainy weekend we went to the garden and found the broad beans sprouting through the damp earth, although there’s no sign of the mangetout peas yet. While I picked some peppers, which are still growing but not ripening, Lo Jardinièr dug up some more of the tomato plants, leaving just the Roma plants, which are still producing fruit.

Some autumnal images:

IMGP2421 Arbutus berries and flowers – both appear on the tree at the same time. IMGP2445
Two Lucque olives fallen from the tree during heavy rain. They’re a good size this year.
Green, ripening and ripe olives on the same branch.
IMGP2432 Some more ripening olives.
Butternut squash.
IMGP2449 Two pumpkins, one ripe, one still green.
IMGP2499 The artichoke plants are recovering from the dry summer. IMGP2456
Red cabbages are doing well, although the leeks we planted at the same time aren’t.
IMGP2461 Rosemary still flowering. IMGP2467
A rose bud about to open.
A snail on an olive leaf next to a dead sunflower head.
Rose hips on a wild rose bush.
IMGP2489 Wild honeysuckle. IMGP2511
Cardinale vine leaf.

8 thoughts on “>November in the garden

  1. >I'm planning to make a Christmas jam with my Arbutus berries, or as they are also called Killarney Strawberry, combined with myrtle berries and spices. Must be possible to get them to taste of something!

  2. >@Jan: yes, the arbutus berries do look lovely, when I was a child in North Africa I used to think the trees looked like decorated Xmas trees.@Heiko: I'll be interested to hear how the jam turns out. The berries are very pretty, but they don't taste as good as they look, do they?

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