>Winter fruit and winter soup


IMGP3589 IMGP3599

Left, above, oranges on a tree in the car park next to the village bar.  Right, a delicious soup Lo Jardinièr made from pumpkin, carrots, onions, haricot beans, pasta and chunks of chorizo sausage, flavoured with a little chopped chilli pepper, thyme and bay and garnished with chopped garlic and basil.  Very warming on a cold November day!





The chorizo peppers on the balcony are still ripening in the sun, although we bring the plant indoors at night now and the plant has suffered a bit from cold winds during the day.

4 thoughts on “>Winter fruit and winter soup

  1. >Your soup sounds delicious.:) Also, I was looking at your previous post on the soufflé and think we might try this as we have so many pumkins to use up. I'm not sure we have ever made a soufflé but it sounds like something I would enjoy.

  2. >Oh yes, that soup looks like it would be just the thing. I'm afraid that I've harvested the last of my chorizo peppers for the year, frosty nights have finally come here and the pepper plants left outside are suffering.

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