>Noisy work


I didn’t want to stay very long at the garden this morning because the work on the building site next to it was so noisy and it was a constant reminder that there are about a hundred houses planned for this site.  That’s a huge addition to a village with a population of about 700 people.  The machines are clearing and flattening a large area of land, marking out the roads and the building plots and making a road across the narrow lane which goes up the hill away from the gardens.  We worry about what will happen to the course of the stream which provides water during the early summer – the workmen seemed to have dug right through it.  Our neighbour said that yesterday the machines had been close to the gardens and that the earth had been trembling as they worked.  I think we’ll be trying to spend less time in the garden on weekdays and more at weekends, when there’s no work going on, for the next few months.

IMGP3985 IMGP3990
IMGP3993 IMGP3989
IMGP3992 IMGP3987

The machinery was very close to some of the old stone walls, which we’ve been promised will be preserved as they are part of the history of the village.  One of them had already been slightly damaged.  The bamboo at the right of the picture, bottom right, is at the end of our garden – so it is all happening very close to us!

2 thoughts on “>Noisy work

  1. >I would be horrified if this happend to us but I think we have a safe spot with only 3 properties and a surrounding road in a small hamlet. I can just imagine the dust problem for you as well, but maybe it is not that dry. So sorry you have to put up with this and I guess it will be for quite a long time. Your view will not be quite the same either! Diane

  2. >That's a huge area now that it's almost cleared, and now that it's changed it'll be very difficult to remember exactly how it was before. I do hope your stream will be ok, that sounds very worrying.

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