>Festive-looking mezes and very low sun



The peppers I pickled a couple of months ago are the only ingredient in this meal that came from our garden, but I thought they all looked festive on the red cloth, ready for supper with friends last night. Starting from bottom left: hummus, black olives, pistachios, feta cheese, pickled green peppers, aubergine purée, grated carrot salad and, in the centre, taramasalata.

Almost the solstice


I’m looking forward to when the days start getting longer again, but in the meantime I’m enjoying the long shadows cast by the low sun, even at midday.


2 thoughts on “>Festive-looking mezes and very low sun

  1. >How beautiful your feast looks on the vibrant red table cloth! What fun. I'm looking forward to lengthening days also. I was hoping to pick out the spot on the ridge across the valley where the sun sinks on the shortest day of the year but it looks like it's going to be cloudy and wet for the rest of the week. And there's supposed to be a full eclipse of the moon on the solstice that I'll miss also.

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