>A hint of spring?


This morning for the first time for weeks the sun felt hot and it was 16 degrees C in the garden.  I know the winter’s not over yet – we’re not even half way through January – but there was a suggestion in the air that spring may arrive eventually.

The garden in January

Just for the record, this is what the garden looked like this morning.

IMGP5395 IMGP5394

The rosemary has been flowering all winter and there were bees on it today.  The broad beans look much better than they did this time last year and don’t seem to have been affected at all by the cold nights we had last month.

IMGP5385 IMGP5393

Olive pruning

IMGP5286 IMGP5305 IMGP5343

I spent some time pruning the second of our two olive trees, the Lucque,  not too drastically as it is still a very young tree that we planted only five years ago.

IMGP5381 IMGP5382
Before (left), during (above) and after (right)

The main aim when olive pruning is to open out the centre of the tree so I pruned any branches that were growing inwards, and I cut some of the straggly branches at the top.  It’s growing into quite a nice little tree and it produced some good olives last year.

And a cauliflower


We picked this cauliflower – probably our last for this year, but there are still plenty of leaf vegetables: lettuces, red and green cabbages, spinach and chard, as well as some turnips, to feed us for the rest of the winter.  The garlic and onions we planted in the autumn are all growing well too.

4 thoughts on “>A hint of spring?

  1. >Your post reminds me that it's time to do my winter pruning. I no longer bother with the olives (shame on me) but the wisteria respond to pruning in January by outdoing themselves when they bloom.Your garden looks inviting in any season.

  2. >We often get a few nice warm days in January, but it hasn't happen yet this year. This morning started off well, a beautiful sunrise, not too cold, mostly clear, and now it's raining again! Oh well, spring will come someday.That's a lovely head of cauliflower and your garden looks quite inviting for January.

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