>Mimosa: the first sign of spring


Mimosa flowering in Bessan today. 


We saw several other mimosa trees with blossom in Roujan too, a couple of weeks earlier than last year and the year before.  Mimosa is usually the first of the spring blossom to appear here.  It is not indigenous to the Mediterranean but was brought from Australia and seems to have adapted well to the conditions and become a natural part of the spring colour in this region.

7 thoughts on “>Mimosa: the first sign of spring

  1. >I've seen some in flower here about 10 days ago. Hope the balmy temperatures we've been having are here to stay, but from experience I know that Feb and March can still bring some bitter weather, so best stay alert…haha, the word verification is raini

  2. >Wow, your mimosa spring is early! I live in Malta, far more southerly, but it's not in sight yet. It feels very wintry right now with a damp chill in the air. But how your post reminded me of spring to come. This was our mimosa last year in Malta, but early March! Loved your annals of gardening and cuisine in France. Love France, but ended up on a small rock with minimal garden. Wish my Med living room was as big as your! Malta's mimosa last year!

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