>Light and, best of all, manure…


The sun is still very low even at mid-day, but the low light looked beautiful through the climbing rose and passion flower leaves on our garden shelter, and through the olive trees, this morning.

IMGP5776 IMGP5781
IMGP5785 IMGP5786

We collected a trailer load of horse manure from the paddock where our friend whose grapes we picked keeps her horses.  It will be great for the garden, as it’s well rotted, and we spread it on some of the beds that we’ve cleared.  In a week or so we’ll go and fetch some more.


Modern communications in a wild landscape


We sometimes complain about what modern innovations are doing to the environment and we’re certainly not happy about the housing development next to our garden.  The electricity pylons are unmissable, eyesores perhaps, but necessary, and next to the one on the left are two mobile phone masts which mean that finally there is reception for our mobiles in the village – everyone welcomes that!


3 thoughts on “>Light and, best of all, manure…

  1. >Funny, horse manure is on my list of things to do this week! Ours has a lot of bedding in it, though, but it's better than paying for it.Light — the quality of light — is so important to me. I'm glad I don't live much more north.Out here, people fight about cell phone towers. Oh, how they hate them. But everyone wants clear reception!

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