>Spring lunch


At last the rain stopped and we were able to have a long, lazy lunch in the garden with friends.

IMGP7537 IMGP7552 IMGP7554

We started with onions straight from the ground and grilled on the barbecue…..

IMGP7556 IMGP7546

served with romesco sauce (ground almonds, red pepper, paprika, garlic, tomato) and a bottle of excellent rosé brought from Navarra by our friends.

And the jasmine flowers are out:

IMGP7571 IMGP7582 IMGP7585

3 thoughts on “>Spring lunch

  1. >How wonderful – a sunny day, goodies from the garden, and good friends! It's been stormy, cold, and wet here lately and I'm getting a bit antsy for the return of some nice spring weather.

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