IMGP7680 IMGP7742

We’ve potted about 50 plants, with the Marmande and St Pierre still to do when they’re ready.

And small two lemon trees we’ve grown from seed we found sprouting inside a lemon a year or so ago were ready to go into bigger pots.

IMGP7720 IMGP7729

The pepper seedlings aren’t quite ready to go into pots yet:


And paella for lunch…

IMGP7735 IMGP7736

5 thoughts on “>Re-potting

  1. >watch carefully the leaves of your lemon trees, maybe it's not lemon trees. I can't see very well from the photo but if they have hmmmmm double leaves (I don't know how to describe it check this http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Citrus_aurantium_Blanco2.304.png ) they are sour orange (citrus aurantium). I have 2 of them from a lemon and a tangerine tree which froze a year. After that they grow as sour orange and I try to make them lemon trees again with grafting

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