>Vines and roses


In the vineyards, the vines are growing bright green new leaves:

IMGP8257 IMGP8251

The wild cherry trees, given to us by our neighbour a couple of years ago as very young side shoots, are flowering for the first time:


At midday we have to shelter from the sun to eat our lunch, yesterday a tuna salad with leaves from the garden:


And the Banksiae rose has flowers and plenty more buds about to open:

IMGP8397 IMGP8320 IMGP8326

4 thoughts on “>Vines and roses

  1. >we had our first meal in the garden today, very happy about it. our cherry three started to blossom as well. my son is waiting and dreaming to eat the cherries:) this rose is one my favourite it smells lightly I guess it is ancient variety I remember it from my childhood. have nice sunny days

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