Lavender flower

The lavender buds are just opening into flower….and so are the oleanders.


I picked the rest of the broad beans so that we could put some extra pepper plants in that row.  We have so many good pepper plants and can’t bear to throw out healthy plants so we’ve given away quite a few and are trying to find places for the others in the garden, remembering how good the small green ones were last year when I pickled them.  We’ll do that again if we have too many to eat straight away.  With some of the broad beans I made cold broad bean soup from a recipe in Frank Camorra’s Movida Rustica.  After liquidising the beans with garlic, bread, water and olive oil I put the mix through the mouli legumes and was left with a paste of peel and bean that seemed too good to throw away.  So I made fresh felafel with them, forming the mixture into balls and frying them in sunflower oil.  They made a tasty dish at lunch time accompanied by some yogurt with chopped garlic.

Fresh bean felafel

The new blog

I’m still getting used to posting on WordPress, so I’d welcome any suggestions and comments on what readers think of it so far.  I’ll carry on exploring ways of bringing in all the features I had on the other blog, including searchable categories/labels.

And some bad news at the garden….

When we arrived at the garden this morning we found that we’d suffered our fourth break-in in seven years.  Maybe it’s fortunate that our shed is in such a mess because nothing seemed to have been taken and the thieves just seemed to have said, as I do, ‘I can’t find anything in here!’  The gate had been pushed off its hinges, but we needed a new one anyway, and the lock on the shed door had been broken, but otherwise everything was fine.  We’ve since heard that there were break-ins at other gardens around the village and some people had valuable items like water pumps stolen, so they were not as lucky as we were.

5 thoughts on “Flowering

  1. Yes, please do try to carry over your recipes and so on! Otherwise I shall have several years’-worth to work my way through and bookmark!

  2. The blog looks lovely! I don’t blame you at all for moving… I’ve just had a look at my blog and there’s no Navigation Bar, meaning that I can’t get to the Dashboard. I may be following you to WordPress!

  3. It’s very sad that people do damage to anyone’s garden, and I was sorry to read that it’s happened again.
    In Stoke-on-Trent we used to call the occasional theft of veg from our allotment “finger blight”, and it was one of those things you live with, just as you allow for an amount of loss from slugs, snails, caterpillars etc. Theft from the sheds was a much more serious matter. We managed it by only using the shed to store bits of string, old pots, sticks etc, and for shelter when working on the allotment.The door was kept unlocked, and tools carted back and forth each visit to the allotment. The Fort Knox approach won’t work.
    Now I live in a tiny basque village, mercifully far from Stoke, and theft is rare indeed. However, it is said that on dark winter nights sometimes the boundary marker stones move, making one person’s field bigger and another’s smaller……..I doubt if they move unassisted by human forces.

  4. @janerowena: don’t worry, the recipes have been transferred!

    @Jan: thanks, and good luck with the blogger dashboard!

    @ AJS: thanks for the comment, Drew. Tools never get stolen here – just machinery and alcohol. Some gardeners keep bottles of pastis and wine in their sheds for aperitifs. We take them each time we go to the garden.

  5. That lavender and oleander look lovely. I have an oleander like that here, I wonder if lavender can survive my clime. That also sounds like really ambitious vegetable planting!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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