First haricots and a brasucade de moules

Our haricot beans have done better this year than ever before, with the second sowing (end of April) almost catching up with the first sowing (end of March), and today I noticed that there were enough beans ready to pick for a first meal.  There’ll be a lot more in a few days’ time too, and I must remember to sow some more soon.


With most of our planting done now – 70 tomato plants, 70 pepper plants, 15 aubergines and numerous courgette, pumpkin, cucumber and melon plants of different varieties – we were able to relax a bit in the garden today.  We bought a kilo of mussels from the producer’s van that comes to the village from Bouzigues every Saturday morning and we cooked them on the barbecue – la brasucade de moules as it’s called in French.


Once the fire was going well I cooked some lardons, pieces of bacon, then added a chopped sweet onion and cooked that for a couple of minutes, and then some chopped garlic and sprigs of rosemary and savoury.


Then I added the mussels (about 500 gm per person) and cooked them until they had all opened – about 10 minutes.


This isn’t a dish to be polite with – we just put the pan in the middle of the table so that everyone can help themselves.  Serve it with crusty bread, for dipping into the juices, and a glass of chilled wine, white or rosé.


5 thoughts on “First haricots and a brasucade de moules

  1. Think this is a wise move, google is driving me nuts. Following you does not seem quite as simple but I will track you down 🙂 We love mussels so this post is mouth watering Diane

  2. Hi, Picked up your blog from Chicandaluza. You have a great garden and can’t believe how advanced your beans are to mine. Moules are a big thing here in Brittany and we tend to eat them most weeks. Cooking them on the BBQ looks great. Will try that when the sun dares to show its face again!

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