The rain stops and the lizards come out

It rained all day yesterday so we were pleased to see that it had stopped this morning and we set off in sunshine to Roquessels, a village up in the hills about 5 kilometres from here where we buy red wine from Domaine d’Esteve – our favourite Faugères red.  The vines were bright green with new growth, stretching into the distance, and this lizard was out in the sun.



When we got back to the village we saw a friend who asked if we wanted to pick cherries from the tree in their garden, so we went and picked a box full (about a kilo), which I used to make clafoutis, leaving plenty for eating just like this.  They have a wonderful flavour and are just ripe enough, but not too ripe – what a treat!  I’ve seen them in the market for about 5 euros a kilo, so we’re lucky to be able to pick them ourselves for nothing.



I noticed that the sweet corn plants have flowers which we think are male flowers.  The female flowers will follow, we hope.  It’s the first time we’ve grown sweet corn and these plants are from seed sent to me by a blogger in Greece, at Gaia’s hope.  This variety is very drought resistant….not that this quality has been tested much during the past few days.


The Languedoc tomatoes are growing well, too:


4 thoughts on “The rain stops and the lizards come out

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I´d love your recipe for the clafoutis – we have a nearby cherry festival in a few weeks and I know I´m going to be inundated! You corn looks impressive, we haven´t planted ours yet – I love that as the summer goes on you can almost seeing it growing as the day goes on…fascinating.

  2. Sounds like a great day indeed! I do have the loveliest memories of summer holidays in southern France and I loved the little market stands along the roads where the people sold the freshest fruit for just a few centimes.
    I wish my tomatoes were as half as good looking as yours 😉
    Tina in Germany

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