First cucumber, first aubergines

Summer starts here, for me, with these firsts, as well as some small peppers which were delicious grilled whole with one of the aubergines on the barbecue.  Some mackerel fresh from this morning’s market followed, but I didn’t take pictures.



And another half kilo of haricot beans which I’ve put in the freezer.


It was 34 C this afternoon – a real  summer temperature – so the vegetables need a lot of water these days.

As the sun went down and darkness fell I went out to see if I could catch the eclipse of the moon, but I think it’s too low on the horizon and can’t be seen from the village because we’re surrounded by hills.

4 thoughts on “First cucumber, first aubergines

  1. Congratulations on the crop! You´re ahead of us, but give it a week or so and we´ll be enjoying those little cucumbers too. They seem to hve so much more flavour than the longer ones. We were so lucky here, a perfect clear night and a fantastic view of the eclipse on a hot night…magical.

  2. Goodness! You are so far ahead of us with those crops, our french beans are only just flowering and the pepper plants are still quite small. I’ll have to make do with looking forward by looking at yours!

  3. You are way ahead of me. My cayenne peppers are about an inch long, the green peppers, aubergines, beans and cucumbers are tiny still. The only thing I am picking are courgettes and chard 😦 Diane

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