Swallowtail butterfly

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At this time every year there’s always a day when I take a ridiculous number of photos of one of these beautiful butterflies on our lavender flowers. Today was that day.  Sorry, the lamb chops etc. seem to have found their way onto the butterfly slideshow.

Thanks to Chica Andaluza for pointing me in the direction of A Dash of Domestic’s post and thanks to her for her post on how to make a slideshow.

And then lunch ….

Lamb chops on the barbecue

Earlier in the year we bought half a lamb from the Domaine des Pascales where we buy our rosé and white wine.  One of the family lives on a sheep farm in the Aveyron and brings the lambs from their small flock to sell.  These were some of the chops from that purchase.  They were delicious with yogurt mixed with chopped garlic and mint, lemon, and barbecued aubergine and small green peppers straight from the garden.  And a glass of red wine, of course.

Lamb, aubergine and green peppers

And to follow, some farmhouse St Nectaire cheese, also from the Aveyron and also bought from Domaine des Pascales, bought from one of the places where they sell their wine – a good trade!

St Nectaire fermier

7 thoughts on “Swallowtail butterfly

  1. Stunning photos – I don´t know much about butterflies, but I don´t think I´ve seen one like that before, it´s beautiful. We seem to have loads here this year (orange ones and yellow ones) but I have no idea what they are sadly. Thanks for the mention…most kind! I´ve found that I can´t seem to do a slideshow and “stills” without them all showing up in the slideshow either. Not sure what the answer to that one is. The lamb looked gorgeous though and as for that cheese… I dream of cheese. Forget chocolate, I´m a cheese girl!

    • Hi beste! The Turkish tomatoes are doing really well, some with small tomatoes on them already. I’ll put some photos on the blog soon. I’m glad to hear the peppers are doing OK. I hope you get some flower on them soon – mine are flowering but I think they;re a bit later than other varieties.

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