The sea on the longest day of the year

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My first swim of the year at Le Grau d’Agde – the water was a bit chilly still so I didn’t stay in long but it’s good to feel that the summer has started – followed by lunch at one of our favourite cafés overlooking the beach.

On the way home we stopped at a fruit stall and bought a platter of apricots for 6 euros and 4 melons.  We’ve made jam and granita with most of the apricots, leaving plenty to eat as they are, and we ate one of the melons with tapas this evening.  I’ll post the granita recipe tomorrow – it’s very simple, but I just don’t want the apricot photos mixed in with my sea slideshow.

2 thoughts on “The sea on the longest day of the year

  1. Oh I love your slideshow, with your toes dipping in and out… it would make a good screensaver. I went in the sea when my son was here, but that’s the first time this year. Mind you the water was lovely and warm.

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