Yes, they’re really ripening!

The tomato I thought was turning colour the other day and a few others are definitely turning red now – I think we’ll be picking these in a couple of days, just after our neighbour who proudly showed us one he’d picked this morning, but we’re not competitive (really)!


All our ripening tomatoes are on the Languedocian plants, a variety which seem to do very well here in the Languedoc, not surprisingly.

And the rest of today’s harvest:


Three cucumbers, one aubergine, two Trébons sweet onions, one large Lézignan sweet onion and some herbs to go with them all.  We also picked a couple of lettuces and one of them, with one of the cucumbers and a couple of goats’ cheeses from Mas Rolland, dressed with olive oil milled in the village, made a very nice lunch for a hot day.

4 thoughts on “Yes, they’re really ripening!

    • Yes, Kate, aubergines/eggplants already – a couple of weeks earlier than usual this year! The water situation is as normal here – drought is the norm, unlike the rest of France further north and west where it’s not expected.

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