If it’s Thursday….

it must be mussels in the garden again.  As we often do on a Thursday afternoon we bought a kilo of mussels from the van from Bouzigues, cleaned them and took them to the garden to cook over the barbecue.  In the kitchen, we’d lightly fried some lardons (little pieces of bacon) and added a couple of chopped fresh tomatoes (picked this morning – our second and third of the season).  In the garden I chopped a couple of small sweet onions, some oregano and some thyme.  We put the mussels into a pan over the fire until they were all open then added the lardons, tomatoes, onions and herbs and heated it all then served them straight from the pan.  As always, they were delicious.  We always say that whichever way we’re eating mussels at the moment is our favourite – so this is our favourite today!


After supper I noticed how lovely the evening light of the setting sun was on the leaves of one of our olive trees:


As usual on summer evenings there were friends and neighbours in gardens near ours, eating, watering their plants and just enjoying the cooler temperature of the evening, so it’s a very sociable time.

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