Last night, a week or so later than other villages and towns across the Midi and Spain, our village St Jean bonfire was lit. It’s a pagan midsummer ritual that has taken on a saint’s name. A huge pile of vine wood and wooden pallets was burnt in a tower of flame that took the chill off the evening air by the river. When the fire had died down enough for people to approach it they joined hands and danced around the fire. The tradition is that you should then leap over the embers, but when I left if was still a bit wide for that. Maybe later…

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4 thoughts on “Pagan

  1. Looks wonderful. I love all these traditions. Here it´s La Noche De San Juan on (I think) 23rd June and they do the bonfires on the beaches. Probably best that you didn´t jump over it looking at the size of the fire!!

  2. Ahhhh… “the chill off the evening air by the river”… sign me up for that! Here we have a burn ban on so no feu d’artifice for our 4th of July fete. Just hot and dry and hot. Oh well, rien a faire!

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