This is the first time I’ve ever grown sweetcorn and these are the first two we’ve picked. The plants were grown from seed sent to me from Greece by Gaia’s hope. They’re a variety that need very little watering, so they’re well suited to the conditions here and in Greece. They’ve produced some nice big cobs, and this evening we peeled off the outer leaves and cooked these first two over charcoal on the barbecue, with one of our small aubergines. When they were cooked we added salt and some olive oil and they tasted wonderful.

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5 thoughts on “Sweetcorn

  1. Really nice post. I love sweet corn. In my country home – Honduras – we also cook them over charcol on the barbecue and add some salt and lime. It is a popular street food in muy country and I raelly miss eating it.

  2. I love sweetcorn and we grow ours too – we are a few weeks behind you though 😦 I used to think it only tasted good with lashings of melted butter. Now I have learnt that cooked this way it´s sweeter and you can actually taste the corn. Love Giselle´s idea of the salt and lime too, will have to give that a go!

  3. I wonder if this variety would do in Texas. If it can survive in Greece it just might! I don’t even bother buying so-called sweet corn here as it spends days on trucks and (imo) just isn’t worth it. Sigh… I sure do miss it! Got spoiled growing up, my mom would put the water on *then* my dad would go pick up the just-picked corn from the guy down the road… that’s fresh!

  4. Oh!!!!!!!! the harvest start 🙂
    I didn’t sow as many as I wanted this year (family problems) and I have no idea if they grew. I will go to plot tomorrow to see if I have corn but I feed very proud for your corn 🙂

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