Figs and more (very welcome) figs


We’re very lucky with our friends and neighbours and this week we’ve been given figs three times.  They’re lovely and sweet to eat fresh, but we can’t always keep up with them, so today I made a very simple fig ice cream using a recipe first given to me years ago by our friend L. in Wales.  I made some jam with 500 grams of figs, 350 grams sugar and the juice of half a lemon.  When it had cooled I mixed it with 50 grams of crushed biscuits and 75 cl of crème fraîche (you could use yoghurt or double cream instead). 



Then I put the mixture into freezer containers and into the freezer.  It needs to be taken out of the freezer about 15 minutes before serving, but otherwise needs no other attention, or stirring, until you’re ready to eat it.  It really is very simple!  Just after I’d made this some other friends gave us some ripe plums, as many as we can use… it’s back to jam-making this afternoon!

I’ve made stuffed kandil dolma peppers again a couple of times this week, using a slightly different recipe from the one I put on my Food from the Mediterranean blog the other day, with raisins, pine kernels and cinnamon.



12 thoughts on “Figs and more (very welcome) figs

  1. What a great way of making ice cream! I have an ice cream maker but never remember to put the bowl in the freezer (and it takes up SO much space) so doing it like this is perfect. I´m just off down to the olives when it cools down a little to pick plums too. Ours are the golden yellow ones and very, very nice! Plum jam making session coming up…

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