Multinational peppers, and mussels again


A selection of the varieties of peppers we’re growing this year.  Clockwise from the left: three orange Marsellais (from the only pepper plants we bought this year, thinking that they would turn red, as shown on the label), two Italian Corno di toro, a Turkish Kandil dolma, a Spanish chorizo and two Hungarian Kolaskas.  All have very different flavours, especially the Kandil dolma, which I’ve written about before, and the Kolaskas which have a sweet paprika-like flavour and are delicious grilled whole on the barbecue which is how we ate these two for lunch today.


And for supper last night we had yet another of our favourite mussel dishes, simply fried in breadcrumbs with a squeeze of lemon.  We cook the mussels in their shells in a glass of white wine, drain them when they have all opened and remove them from their shells.   When we’re ready to eat we dip the mussels in beaten egg, then in fresh breadcrumbs and fry them in olive oil for a couple of minutes, just until the breadcrumbs are browned.  Serve with a green salad.


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