Red and pink

The first of our piments d’Espelette (Basque paprika peppers) have turned red and were ready to harvest, these in the garden yesterday evening:


and a few more from plants on the balconies, to make a string of them:


They’ll dry in the shade or indoors (too much strong sun at this time of year burns them) and they’ll keep for the winter when I’ll grind them into a powder to use as paprika or just chop them into small pieces to added to soups and stews.  They’re spicy and slightly piquant but not hot, so I use them a lot as I don’t like hot chilli peppers.


These Turkish pink tomatoes, grown from seed sent to me by Beste, are reputed to bear fruit weighing up to a kilo.  Our biggest so far has weighed 520 grams, and the biggest of these I picked yesterday evening was 450 grams.  Two of them are now in the oven, as I write, sliced into my version of Chica Andaluza’s almost tarte tatin – my version because I didn’t have any of her delicious cream cheese, so I just added herbs, garlic and beaten egg to the tomatoes.  I hope you don’t mind, Chica!


8 thoughts on “Red and pink

  1. I most certainly don´t mind – in fact I´m honoured that I have inspired someone to cook something from one of my recipes! Let us know how it turned out. Your peppers are so beautiful – I think I need to look into growing some medium hot ones next year as mine are either regular salad or frying peppers or blow your head off hot ones! Big Man is not as “spice tolerant” as me, so the ones you mention here would be ideal for us too.

    • Espelette peppers are perfect for those of us who aren’t so spice tolerant. I’ll probably have spare seeds in the autumn – will let you know. The tomato tatin was very good in spite of not having cream cheese in it. I’m sure it would have been even better with it!

  2. Your peppers look beautiful!! As I was reading what you are planning to do with them (drying and grinding them), I was thinking how lucky you are that you can make your own powder and have your own paprika!!!! Wow!!!

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