These tiny sweet Mirabelle plums come from a tree in the garden next to ours belonging to our first friends in the village when we came here 10 years ago and a source of fun, apéritifs, recipes and garden produce ever since.  They asked Lo Jardinièr to pick the mirabelles from the top of their tree, saying that they had harvested enough and that we could have those that remained – a couple of kilos.  A. also told me her recipe for mirabelle tart, which would work well with other fruit too: fill a pastry case with the halved and stoned mirabelles, pour over a mixture of crème fraiche, sugar and a beaten egg and bake for about 40 minutes.  I made one of these tarts to put in the freezer for next week when we have family staying, and a smaller one (below) so that we could try it, and luckily there are still plenty left to eat fresh.



6 thoughts on “Mirabelles

  1. We had masses of Mirabelles this year despite the drought. I have Mirabelle jam, whole ones in vodka and also some frozen. I will try the tart with the frozen ones, great idea. Nor sure I need much sugar though as our mirabelles are very sweet. Diane

  2. Stunning!!!This kind of plums reminds me of a book I read calles “French woman don’t get fat” written by Mireille Guiliano. She wrote about the wonderful taste of Mirabelle plums and I always wanted to see how they looked!! Thanks for this post!!!

  3. Sweet… do you also get the little green ones called reine Claude? I’ve never been able to find out who she was, but the plums are *wonderful*! Here they are called greengage, and they have a *very* short season (since they don’t even grow in Texas) but I love them. Mmmm…

  4. That’s a marvelous photo — I enjoyed it on your Blipfoto blog as well. Thanks for the very easy recipe, too! I’m not much of a pie maker, but I think I could make this one.

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