The kitchen table this morning

After yesterday evening’s harvesting in the garden:


The tomatoes in the foreground are the Andes Long variety – they are fleshy with very few seeds.   I’m going to roast these, halved and salted, in the oven and then put them through a mouli legumes to make tomato purée, reducing it by simmering in a pan before bottling it.  I don’t make it as concentrated as the purée that comes in tins or jars, but the roasting does give it a nice rich flavour.  The other fruits of the garden are: red Spanish peppers, a couple of piments d’Espelette, a couple of the yellow chorizo peppers, mixed yellow and red cherry tomatoes, several assorted other varieties of tomato and, out of shot in the blue crate, some aubergines.  Lo Jardinièr is going to make an aubergine tart with some of them, slicing them and frying them in olive oil, arranging them in a pastry case, covering them with a layer of halved cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper and chopped garlic, and baking it in a hot oven.

4 thoughts on “The kitchen table this morning

  1. Oh what richesse… I’m jealous! I’m going to try for a second crop of tomatoes this year, though – it is early enough and we’ll see! I bought cherry and Roma and something called “gardener’s delight” plants at my favorite nursery yesterday. If they don’t die of heat stroke maybe I’ll have some in a few months. Meantime, you enjoy!!

  2. Lloks like we are spending our days in very similar ways at the moment – picking, cooking, eating! Love the sound of that tart. Big Man is not so keen on aubergines, but perhaps with the tomatoes he´d go for it!

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