Mussels on a hot day


La canicule (heat wave) has been forecast for this weekend for most of southern France.  It’s not as hot here as it is further west, but it’s still warm enough for us to be glad we can stay indoors most of the day, with just a short outing to the village place, all of 50 metres away, to buy mussels this morning.  We ate them for lunch with some leftover (but none the worse for that) red pepper and caper sauce I made yesterday and some of Lo Jardinièr’s sautéed potatoes which seemed especially crisp and delicious today.

I made the sauce by thinly slicing all the red peppers we had in the kitchen after I pickled the kolaskas, cooking them slowly in olive oil until they had softened – this took about half an hour – and adding some salt, a couple of chopped and skinned tomatoes, a couple of cloves of garlic chopped and a tablespoonful of capers then simmering for another 10 minutes.  It went well with rice and pork chops last night and it was even better with the mussels, added to them after they’d been cooked in a glass of white wine.

Lo Jardinièr par-boiled the potatoes, sliced them and sautéed them in olive oil – simple and delicious!


This evening we’ll go to the garden to water the plants – there’s  no point doing it before as the water would just evaporate in the heat.

7 thoughts on “Mussels on a hot day

  1. Another stunning mussel should write a cookbook with these recipes! And I love the end of the day watering the garden….a lovely moment (well, it takes longer than that, but I´m sure you know what I mean!).

  2. I know what you mean, here the temperatures are near 40ºC…we just want to stay inside most of the day.
    I love mussels but I cook them with only olive oil, garlic and a splash of white wine. When they are almost ready chopped coriander et voilá!

  3. So pretty… and I love the sauce “recipe”, easy and sounds so good. That sort of thing is often better the second (or third, if there’s any left) day and it looks wonderful. I do love capers and I think they’re under-appreciated! Mmmm…

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